Updated: August 02, 2013

How I lost myself and left Facebook.

Simply it is my flaws, my addiction for affirmation and my poor time-management that are my greatest hindrance to maturity. Facebook was merely the hand which shook the glass exposing that my life was not as clear as I first thought; rather it was full of the settled sediment of a misplaced identity.

Updated: July 18, 2011

Can pleasure only exist if memory persists?

This article is a series of thoughts and questions on pleasure; quite what it is and whether or not it has any worth, and if it can ultimately exist if life is finite.

Updated: March 12, 2011

True romance in the loveliest sense of the word.

Two days before Valentine's Day, I caught the end of a three minute commentary on Christian marriage from a TV documentary on the history of romance. The piece was, as with many TV programs mentioning Christianity, void of anything deeper than a brief commentary on Christian cultural history. It was as if the host was asked to talk about his marriage and all he mentioned was his wife’s wedding ring.

Updated: January 05, 2010

Enneagram enneatypology and the glory of God in the face of Christ.

Are our personalities fixed, or do they change? If who we are is locked up in our personal view of ourselves and the world around us, what about the obvious or not so obvious imperfections? The Enneagram may very well help in the identification, but our identity is found in someone infinitely perfect and outside of ourselves.


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  • Doxology n. [Gr., praise, glory; to speak.] In Christian worship, a hymn in praise of the Almighty; a particular form of giving glory to God. [Webster 1828]

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    I believe Jesus suffered once for my sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring me to God. cf. 1 Peter 3:18.

  • The worth and excellency of a soul is to be measured by the object of its love. He who loveth mean and sordid things doth thereby become base and vile, but a noble and well-placed affection doth advance and improve the spirit into conformity with the perfections which it loves. The images of these do frequently present themselves unto the mind, and, by secret force and energy, insinuate into the very constitution of the soul, and mould and fashion it unto their own likeness.

    Henry Scougal. The life of God in the Soul of Man.