The Fast Track to Getting Free Government Grant Money

If you're looking to apply for a Government Grant for business or personal pursuits, you will undoubtedly be competing with many others for the hundreds of billions (yes, billions) that are available each year through various Federal and Private grant programs. So what is the key to success? There are 3 things really. You need to first locate the grant opportunities that you qualify for. Next you need to prepare your application and materials and finally, you need to submit them to the right person for consideration. If you're doing this by yourself, things are a bit more complicated than it seems. Applying For Grants Without Help From Experts The first thing you need to do is locate grant opportunities. If you've never been to the official government websites that make this information available, be prepared for a serious time commitment. The government sites do not make it easy to find all the opportunities that you may qualify for (this is likely why 85% of all grant money is never even applied for. You will have to find suitable grants one by one and compile a list manually. Next you will need to prepare your grant applications. Each grant is likely going to have a different requirement for what they want on the application. Again, you will have to dig through each offer and try to find the right way to do it. If you make a mistake here, they will send your application back - or even toss it in the trash because they simply don't have time to handle applications that aren't done correctly. Third you will have to mail the applications to the right department/person. This information is sometimes easy to find, other times, it is impossible to find. If you send it to the wrong person, guess what? Yes, your application gets sent back or tossed. So how do you apply for grants in a quick, efficient and proper way? How To Fast Track The Grant Application Process? The best way to do is to get expert, professional help. You could go and hire a grant researcher and writer - if you want to spend thousands of dollars that is. A better, easier solution is to use a grant kit from reputable (and I stress reputable) company that provides them. These companies will provide these kits for free and all you simply have to do is request one. Though most will charge you ongoing fees, it is absolutely possible to do your applications during the free trial period. What are Grant Kits? Grant Kits usually consist of software packages that access and organize all of the grant opportunities so that they can be easily searched and compiled. These kits also include application templates that are designed to meet the specifications of each grant agency. This makes it very easy to fill in your personal info once, tweak the application for each grant, print and mail. Additionally, many of these companies have expert grant researchers and writers on staff that can assist you at each step of the process. This can speed up your application time by as much as 80% and increase your chances of getting multiple grants. These can be valuable services and can be the difference between getting multiple grants and nothing at all. The site uses cookies. They allow us to recognize you and get information about your user experience.By continuing to browse the site, I agree to the use of cookies by the site owner in accordance with Cookie policy